Benefits of Non sulphate shampoo

Benefits of Non sulphate shampoo

Bad effects of sulphates:

Even though most of the people think that washing hair every day is advantageous, but the truth is, the more you clean your hair the more you are making both the hair and the body to dangerous chemicals. A normal shampoo contains substances like phthalates, Lauryl sulphate etc. The presence of sulphate is near about 90% in every non-organic shampoo, which harmful to the eyes, skin, as well as thinning of hair in early ages.

Human skin soaks up more than 50% of such chemicals, therefore not only the hair, the body also gets affected due to the results of these dangerous substances. A lot of women decide their shampoo on the vibrantly coloured packaging and scent. After that, once they get their hair clogged in the drainage system in their bathroom or lots of hair stuck in their comb they just blame it on the shampoo. For all these reasons every men & women should start using non sulphate shampoo.

If you have the problem of hair losing, due to because more of the scalp area is uncovered to those harmful chemicals present in conventional shampoos .Prolonged usage of these chemicals can dry and damage your hair including many situations like hair follicle damage and dry skin problems. So if you are looking for the solution, something gentle for your skin & scalp, choosenon sulphate shampoo.

What it should contain:

The best non sulphate shampoo for colour treated hair must contain humectants & light conditioners to restore the moisture balance and softness of the hair. Not to forget proteins and vitamins.

Any formula for adding softness and conditioning the hair and skin is Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride. Though it sounds creepy and much hard to pronounce but this is completely safe to use, simple bio-degradable derivative of guar beans grown mostly in India. It has nourished the people of India for generations. Guar gum also used in ice-creams and salad dressing due to its property of thickener to enhance creaminess.

Another great ingredient to have in for colour treated hair is hydrolysed-wheat-protein since it will add strength to hair. Wheat provides replenishment by adding Cysteine, a hair strengthening protein by penetrating the cortex to hair weakened by chemicals and hair colours as well as daily use of hair dryer and hair strengthening iron.

Pro-vitamin B5 is also a very essential ingredient  as it can hydrate & lubricants the shafts of the hair, coats the hair surface and also make the strands silky, shiny and smooth. The smooth coating of film also provides excellent contact between the adjacent strands of hair and the detangling properties. Pro-vitamin B5 has the capability of entering the hair shaft by penetrating the cuticle, helps in moisture retention and leading to volume in hair.

In your search for non sulphate shampoo just make sure it includes herbals beneficial for the scalp. Maintaining a healthy scalp is essential for beautiful hair.

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