Choosing an Organic dandruff Shampoo

Choosing an Organic dandruff Shampoo

What is a Dandruff:

If you have ever had white skin flakes floating down from your scalp to your shoulders, resulting a dust of white on your clothing, then you are suffering from the problems of dandruff. Dandruff is developed when the scalp has an overabundance of dead skin cells, they flake off into little white or grey patches. Contrary to normal belief, dandruff is not caused by dry scalp, though a dry scalp certainly doesn’t help, it can also be caused by a fungus infection on the scalp causing skin cells to overproduce and die quickly. As the skin cells get re-generated, the dead ones started flaking off. The best way to heal flakiness is to get organic dandruff shampoo.


It is always a good idea to use as many natural products for the sake of healthcare as anybody can. It has also become a part of the lifestyle of many people. When somebody search for an organic dandruff shampoo it is normally the name of the ingredients printed in the back of the pack that we pay most of our attention. The general rule is that organic dandruff shampoo doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. First it removes dirt and grease from the scalp and hair with the use of all natural components.

Like, Aloe Vera is a universally popular skincare agent. Good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

Rosemary used as a perfume in organic dandruff shampoo. The aroma vitalise as it excites the brain, also strengthens the nervous system and also aids in memory improvement.

Beta Glycan is an organic and efficient immune system stimulants taken from yeasts and medicinal mushrooms.

Chamomile is an effective tissue regenerator. Soothes your skin, cures psoriasis, eczema and improves flakiness.

Cedar wood is a usual ingredient of dandruff shampoo because it is commonly used to treat dandruff. Moreover, it has comforting and tranquilizing action and will be very beneficial for the nervous system.

Coconut oil has properties of bactericide and antimitotic. Beta-glycan coconut oil is also thought to be has immune system stimulant affect.

Lavender oil also has a good aroma therapeutic action and can help to get relieved to calm tension and improve nervous exhaustion and insomnia. It smells great hence also a very popular ingredient in herbal hair products.

Tea tree oil belongs to Australian medicine. Grows on the coastal areas of New South Wales. Tea tree oil has bactericide & antifungal action.

Choose the real one:

Some shampoo manufacturing companies often type the word organic on their anti-dandruff shampoo when they are not at all organic. Just avoid those contains ingredients like parabens, phthalates and sodium lauryl sulphates. These are harmful chemicals and should never be used on your hair. Organic dandruff shampoos contain natural herbal ingredients with no side effects. Contrary to organic dandruff shampoo commercial ones usually contain chemical and artificial substances that can be dangerous for your scalp, your hair and even your health. These ingredients pass through it into your bloodstream and accumulate in your tissues remaining there indefinitely.

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