Use the Best DHT blocker Shampoo and Prevent Hair Loss

Use the Best DHT blocker Shampoo and Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem and more than 70% of males as well as 50% of females suffer due to hair loss. Men and women of all ages are affected by hair loss. One of the main reasons for hair loss is DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. This hormone is the main reason for hair loss. This hormone can cause various types of hair loss conditions like alopecia or baldness. DHT is formed as a result of the metabolic change of testosterone hormone. Testosterone is converted to DHT by an enzyme. By way of blocking that enzyme, the production of DHT can be prevented. There are various chemicals that can effectively prevent the enzyme from producing DHT. These chemicals are called DHT blockers and the shampoos that contain DHT blockers are capable of controlling hair loss as a result of blocking the enzyme from producing DHT. This type of shampoo is known as DHT blocker shampoo.

Synthetic and natural

The shampoos that are used to prevent hair loss by way of blocking the production of DHT are made of natural as well as synthetic ingredients. Ketoconazole is a synthetic ingredient that is used to make the shampoo for preventing hair loss. There are various natural ingredients that are used to make the shampoos to control hair loss. The natural products that have the property of inhibiting the production of DHT include pumpkin seed oil, caffeine, nettle, saw palmetto, azelaic acid, etc. In addition to the above ingredients, these shampoos also contain other ingredients like tea tree oil for clearing the pores, niacin to increase blood circulation in the scalp, and vitamins to nourish the hairs. These shampoos also contain ingredients for curing dandruff also. In this way these shampoos are made versatile so that they can cure hair fall and simultaneously strengthen the scalp as well as the hairs.

There are hundreds of shampoos available in the market for the treatment of hair loss. Since most of them are made using the same ingredients it is very difficult to compare their properties. These shampoos can be purchased at salons, drug stores and retail shops for health care products. The shampoos that have zinc and saw palmetto among the ingredients are considered as the best shampoos for hair loss.

The advantages of DHT inhibiting shampoos

Those who use this type of shampoo can have various advantages. This shampoo provides an easy solution to the problem of hair fall. The users of this shampoo have ample choices since hundreds of products are available in the market. These shampoos are very effective in preventing hair loss. Hence, they provide the best remedy to those who are suffering from pattern baldness. For those who make use of the best quality shampoo that contain the most powerful ingredients, the condition of their scalps also will be improved and as a result they will have improved hair growth also.

The best hair loss shampoos

Among all the natural products that can inhibit production of DHT, Saw Palmetto is considered as the most effective. Emu oil is also a popular DHT inhibitor. The DHT blocker shampoo that contains either of these two natural products can give the best result in the treatment of hair loss.

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